Planning the details for a successful capital project is more than enough to keep a team busy. The logistics alone can exceed any other aspect. Planning is important, and so is finding the right skill sets. Why does it always seem there is a last-minute rush to find the right people? When it comes to staffing, timing is everything. Injecting Per Sé at the right time can mean the difference between starting successfully and delaying timelines.​

Let us worry about the timing for staffing your project. It’s what we do best.

“First, Per Sé understands my industry. Once they determine my immediate specific need and timelines, they usually have qualified candidates within a matter of days – sometimes in a matter of hours. The relationship doesn’t end at the first placement, their understanding of my industry allows Per Sé to strategically pipeline top tier talent based on anticipation of my needs due to where I am in the lifecycle of my projects.” – Sr. Project Manager, OG&E