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Services: Payrolling Service

Payrolling Service

Save time and money by shifting the administrative burden of pre-identified contractors to Per Sé. This is ideal for both full and part-time employees including staff for special projects, former employees, retirees, and consultants.

Eliminating employee administration and payroll responsibilities comes with benefits to your business’ strategy, goals, and growth.

Why Payroll with Per Sé?

• Save money by managing payroll at a discounted rate.

• Shift management of onboarding, payroll, billing and HR matters to Per Sé.

• Offer weekly paychecks.

• Maximize efficiency and minimize paperwork with immediate digital onboarding.

• Manage time sheet tracking and approval on a convenient digital portal.

• Rest easy knowing your contractors are in good hands with a friendly and attentive representative.


Let's Lower Your Staffing Spend