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CNC Machinist/Operator

Daily Responsibilities

  • Check work instruction to ensure accurate settings for job to fabricate metal sheets.
  • Identify and locate proper material thickness and gauge.
  • Run production as instructed on a variety of machinery and equipment including de-burring equipment.
  • Visually inspect production for burrs, scratches, rust and other defects.
  • Check product against sample using tape measure.
  • Separate rejected product for sorting.
  • Return all hand tools, gages and parts, etc. to proper storage areas.
  • Timely and accurate completion of all paperwork associated with the position.
  • Verify, count and package completed production.
  • Participate in activities to increase personal skill level, overall departmental processes and product quality.
  • Maintain organized and clean work area.
  • Receives, understands and follows all written and oral instruction.
  • Maintain meet or exceed rating on performance evaluations.
  • Comply with all company policies and procedures in including safety and attendance requirements.
  • Other duties required to meet company needs as assigned by Fabrication Supervisor.

Desired Skills and Expertise

  • 2+ years of CNC Machinist and set up experience
  • Ability to learn to speak, read and communicate in English
  • Ability to read and understand blue prints.
  • Basic shop math understanding.
  • Proficient in horizontal and vertical Lathes and Mills.
  • Familiar with Mazatrol machines and Solid Works.
  • Distinguish a variety of raw materials (stainless steel, cold rolled steel, etc.)