Project Staffing

SIf you have a larger project, development of a full Staffing Management Plan will cover your workforce needs through the project's entire lifecycle. From initiation to planning, and execution to closure, our unique model ensures your workforce needs are completely met.

The purpose of the Staffing Management Plan is to ensure that the project has sufficient resources, with the right skills, based on project schedule for successful completion.

When developed as a strategy, flexible project staffing can cut cost, maintain quality and help accomplish specific goals. Per Se Group has the expertise and capabilities to support project staffing needs across any of our 6 core industries. Our best practices approach starts off with an assessment of our client project needs, processes, and technologies. Our team, after careful evaluation, recommends a staffing plan to support the end-to end needs of the project implementation. Our staffing solutions offer flexibility, scalability, right mix and competitive pricing.

Service Features

  • On-demand project staffing for both unforeseen and planned hiring needs

  • Complete workforce coverage through a Staffing Management Plan unique to your project

  • Flexible hiring options to fit each stage of your project

  • Leverage of our proprietary database of 350,000+ qualified candidates

  • Rapid on boarding for projects with time-sensitive delivery

  • Replacement policy that includes guaranteed replacement of individual candidates, as per terms of the service agreement

Industries We Serve

Partnering with Per Sé, you can expect...

  • An increase in productivity, while keeping costs manageable, by leveraging flexible workforce options

  • Working with true talent; leverage our database of 350,000+ qualified contract workers

  • A focused effort on your project via a customized Staffing Management Plan. Project-based contractors will be able to fill the gaps when employees are unavailable, meaning the project is never stalled.

  • Potential full-time employees. As with any temporary position, there's the possibility of keeping contract workers full-time. Working with them on a project-basis allows you some time to "test the waters" before hiring and lead to future company growth.

By leveraging our Project Staffing Service, our team can cut costs, maintain quality, and help you accomplish specific goals that ensure successful project completion.