Recruitment Service

Per Sé's recruitment team has built lasting relationships with specialized contractors across the U.S. on the power of our process and strength of our contractor experience. Leveraging efficient technology and flexible cost options, our recruitment services will ensure the right people are matched for the right job.

As Per Sé has expanded our service offerings and national reach, we've always maintained the true value for our clients and contractors: the deep domain knowledge of the Energy and Industrial markets. That's why you'll work with specialized team members, who understand both the jobs our clients are staffing and the work our candidates are looking for.

Service Features


Per Sé assists companies with coverage during peak workloads with short-term contract employees. These are typically to assist with specific projects or initiatives, for a a specialized skillset, or even to cover short-term absence.


This option offers an evaluation period to determine if an employee fits as a permanent role in the long-term. Candidates sign on as a contract employee with the opportunity to become full-time employees at the end of their initial assignment.

Direct Hire

We help organizations build successful internal teams through hiring full-time employees with the big picture goal of culture fit and employee retention. Services include senior, executive, and mid-level hiring needs.

Industries We Serve

Partnering with Per Sé, you can expect...

  • A full debrief on every position requested with a team of industry experts

  • Leverage of our proprietary database of 350,000+ qualified candidates

  • Pre-screening evaluations focusing on 3 key areas: Work experience, Soft skills, and Cultural fit

  • Simple interview selection with pre-vetted candidate choices

  • Drug and background checks

Our recruitment service unites leading companies with individuals who work hard, thrive with new challenges, and fit with their team culture.