Talent Pool Management

The #1 problem hiring managers face is finding qualified people that fit within their company's existing culture.

What if every time you needed to hire someone, instead of starting from scratch, you had a resource that provided total visibility into your company's contingent workforce?

Per Sé PeopleConnect is a Talent Pool Management workforce solution that’s designed to save your company significant time, money, and effort, by leveraging your own resources, including all independent contractors and contingent workers who have shown aptitude and reliability within your organization.

Benefits of Per Sé PeopleConnect

Maintain a Stronger Workforce

Often times hiring managers have access to partial information, or none at all, relying solely on their own workforce relationships. Per sé PeopleConnect provides direct access to an organization's full flexible workforce. When you request a new hire from this network you can rest assured they've worked for your organization before, share similar values, and can even call on references of colleagues you work with.

Improve Efficiency

Per Sé PeopleConnect helps accelerate critical processes, allowing you to hire in an instant, or ramp up or down for a specific project. Eliminate tedious administrative tasks through the entire workforce management cycle: from resource request to on boarding, and evaluation to off boarding.

Increase the Bottom Line

Anyone you request from your company's network is placed at a reduced rate, saving significant advertisement, sourcing, recruitment, and on boarding dollars. Save up to 15%

Learn how you can save up to 15% on your staffing spend.​


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