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5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Recruitment

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

There has never been a better time to be in the recruitment industry.

The recruitment industry can get a bad reputation for being perceived as an "in between" job or something that people just "fall" into. The truth is, it's likely recruitment wasn't a career track you went to school for, or even aspired to do, but times are changing. Recruiting is a growing and desirable profession that college graduates are now seeking out.  

New talent is known to be a top priority for almost every growing organization. Recruiters are in-demand and the professional and personal perks that come along with it are drawing in the new working class. Here are 5 reasons to consider recruitment as a career choice:  

Independence & Flexibility  

Very few careers can offer the same level of independence as a career in recruitment. Recruiters have a great deal of flexibility over their day-to-day work, including schedule and how they operate. Once you have your target goals, you have the freedom to manage your own tasks as you see fit. As you continue to grow and gain more business, you'll continue to build trust with your managers and obtain even more independence.  

High Earnings Potential  

When it comes to earnings, recruiters have much more control over their own fate, compared to most jobs. The bottom line is: work hard, and you’ll get rewarded. Most staffing firms are set up for recruiters to make commission off every role they place. This means there is essential no limits to your pay if you continue to do well. It can be quite motivating to earn a piece of every deal you make; everyone wins. 


In the recruitment industry, not one day is the same. You’re in the business of dealing with people, which means every day brings new connections, encounters, and experiences. You also have the ability to work across multiple industries or find the one that aligns best with your interests. No matter what you’re doing, you get to be the creative problem solver every day, both for candidates and your clients. It’s a powerful position and feels good to be the expert in the room.  

Skill Development & Career Advancement 

By interacting with a diverse group of people every day, you’ll learn something from each person you talk to. On the candidate side, you’ll learn different career paths, while on the client side you’ll gain a better understanding of business functions. Recruiters become experts at giving career advice to others and gain knowledge that helps further their own career. Those who excel, will quickly find there are multiple opportunities for career advancement and the ability to earn substantially more by offering unique value. 


If you’re someone who wants to have a direct impact on people; this might be the right career choice for you. While many of us want to impact others in a positive way, not many jobs allow you to truly see those results. As a recruiter, you are providing people with economic opportunity and companies with talent to reach business goals. It’s tremendously rewarding to see the result of your hard work and, because it’s so impactful, most recruiters find it easy to maintain a high level of excitement. 

Recruitment can be an extremely fulfilling career path and is only continuing to grow with our economy. If you’re looking to learn more about recruiting, get in touch with Per Sé Group at