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A Proactive Staffing Approach Will Improve Your Bottom Line

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

When it comes to your hiring process, do you have a proactive plan in place? It’s easy to fall into a trap of operating on a reactive hiring strategy, but chances are it isn’t working in your favor. Waiting to start searching for candidates can leave you shorthanded for an unwanted amount of time or force you to hire a sub par candidate just to fill a gap. Taking a proactive approach will increase efficiency, long-term employee success, overall team culture, and ultimately, improve your bottom line. 

A Proactive Primer 

Taking a proactive staffing approach is all about anticipation. It involves actively anticipating staffing needs and seeking out candidates before staffing levels become problematic. Many times, you’ll see companies take on an “always hiring” policy and the first thought might be it’s because they have a high turnover rate. However, hopefully that’s not the case. The proactive strategy should be to work continuously to find and hire the right candidates that keep the business running at an optimal level. 

Finding the Right People 

Finding the right person for a specific role can be a challenge. You not only need them to be at the right skill-level, but also have the right attitudes that align with the company culture, and the right professional goals that match with the opportunity. Companies are moving to a proactive approach because: 

• Each role, and what’s important for a new hire, is clearly defined.
• You're able to identify the best candidate to fit your organization culturally.
There is more time to interview candidates because you're not caught off-guard. 
Hiring success typically goes up because of the upfront resources you've spent looking for the right fit.
• You don't run the risk of having staff shortages that can cost you productivity, time, and money. 

Keeping Employee Engagement 

A proactive staffing strategy goes beyond the initial hire. It’s also focused on anticipating needs of your current employees and keeping them happy through appropriate training, learning opportunities, and culture that fosters a happy and motivated workplace. 

 Work with a Staffing Agency 

Instead on using staffing agencies on a transactional basis, try finding a staffing partner that can take the lead in developing a passive hiring strategy. Your account manager will work with you to understand your company’s goals and build a profile that fits your perfect hire. Not all staffing agencies are the same; find one that will vet candidates with a holistic approach to candidate identification. They’ll take off the burden of getting to know the candidates needs on a deeper level and create a targeted talent pool you can access when you’re ready to fill an open position — it’s that simple. 

Partner with Per Se Group to change your hiring strategy for the better. We’re here to help make your team more productive, efficient and ready to take on anything the future has in store.