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Communication Skills to Help Land the Job You Want

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Have you ever thought about how your communication skills could be impacting your interview results? If you’ve been getting a lot of interviews, but haven’t been getting the results you want, check out the tips below on being a better communicator.

Be an Active Listener 

When you have a conversation with someone, do you listen to what the other person is saying? For example, at an interview, active listening not only ensures that you will walk away with the most information about the job and company possible, it lets the interviewer know that you care.

People want to feel valued, and when a hiring manager feels that you value their assistance in your job search, they are more likely to want to continue to help you.

There are several components to active listening, from making eye contact to asking clarifying questions. Of course, during a phone interview, you cannot use body language to help show that you are listening, so asking questions, and waiting for the other person to finish speaking is key. Another way to stay engaged during a phone interview is to repeat information back to the interviewer, to ensure that you heard them correctly.

During a face-to-face interview, you can use body language to show that you are listening. It is important to not fidget excessively, and to notice the speaker’s body language.

Ask the Right Questions 

Having 3 or 4 good questions prepared for an interview is a good idea. You can even bring a notebook along, so you don’t forget any of your questions, and you can take notes on key points. Examples of good questions to ask are:

• What does success look like in this role?

• What is the most important skill/trait that you look for in potential employees?

In an initial interview, it is best to avoid questions about time off, because those types of questions make you seem less interested in the job.

When the interviewer asks you a question, be sure to use concrete examples, and stay away from vague answers. Be detailed, and ensure that the hiring manager or recruiter has a clear picture of your skills and interests.

Also, be sure to do your research on the company, so you can ask specifics about what they do.

Confidence is Key 

An essential part of being successful in an interview process is simple: be confident. You know that you can do the job, but does the hiring manager? If you’re interviewing in person, dress for success and maintain confident body language. Be confident in your answers and promote yourself. For practice, you can look up example interview questions and have a mock interview with a friend. If you are confident in yourself and your answers, the interviewer will be too.