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3 Signs You’re Using the Wrong Staffing Firm & How to Choose the Right One

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Staffing resources are plentiful these days. As a hiring manager you’re inundated with an endless stream of emails and voicemails from recruitment firms eager to provide their services. When working in a niche industry with a high level of independent contractors, having a reliable staffing firm is necessary. But not all staffing partners are created equal. If you’ve found yourself questioning your current staffing resource, here are 3 signs it may be time to look elsewhere: 

  1. You’re seeing too many candidates 

It’s always good to see multiple candidates during the course of a new hire search. In fact, it’s almost a necessity as your staffing partner is likely fine-tuning their screening process based on the feedback of each interview you hold—all to find the perfect person for the job. However, if you find yourself receiving large volumes of candidates who are missing the mark in some way, that’s a sign your staffing partner doesn’t quite understand what it is you’re looking for. 

  1. You aren’t learning anything 

The primary goal of your staffing agency is to find you the right person for your open positions. However, a great staffing partner can be an invaluable resource providing insights into the market and guidance during the decision-making process. A true staffing partner will be consultative, even when they haven’t found the right candidate for you just yet. 

  1. They don’t specialize in your field 

Every industry and every type of position comes with their own set of complications and requirements that only someone who lives and breathes it can understand. Using a partner that specializes in your field means they understand your industry’s language, the type of work you do, and exactly the kind of person you’re looking to add to your team. 

So how do you know if a staffing firm is the right fit for you? Here are some questions you can ask: 

What does the staffing agency specialize in?

Almost anyone can be a recruiter, but the ones who specialize in what you’re looking for is where you want to land. 

How strong is their recruitment team?

Some agencies rely heavily on job boards alone. You’ll need someone with a team of people keeping a pipeline of passive candidates. 

What does the candidate screening and assessment process look like? 

You don't want a staffing firm that's going to send you just anyone. Make sure the candidates you'll see will be worth your time.

What capabilities do they have beyond recruitment?

If your staffing needs grow, services like project management and payrolling make it simple if your agency is a one-stop shop. 

What technology do they use and how will it make doing business easier?

Anything related to payroll or billing should be 100% automated. Other staffing technology should be fully integrated to drive efficiency and quality. 

How well does their culture and values align with yours?

The best results happen when you and your staffing partner’s culture align. They are providing you with employees, after all.