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How You Can Reduce Costs by Revamping Your Staffing Strategy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Regardless of what business you’re in, reducing costs is likely always top of mind. Have you considered working with a staffing agency? Revamping your staffing strategy is a great way to identify where you can reduce costs and a staffing firm, specifically one that specializes in your industry, can offer solutions for reducing overhead, managing operating costs and improving organizational performance. In fact, when used effectively, leveraging staffing experts can save you more than just hard costs.  

Convert fixed expenses to variable 

During planning phases, develop a strategy that staff’s your business strategically. One way to do this is minimizing the number of permanent employees to just those needed to sustain your core volume of work. Proactively plan to bring in the extra help when it’s needed for specific projects or initiatives. 

Call in the experts on an as-needed basis 

When working within very specific needs of your business, relying on experts is a necessity, but you may not need them on your staff on a year-round basis. Leveraging consultants, or temporary qualified contractors, is a great way to keep costs contained, yet maintain the quality control for success. 

Reduce training costs 

Bringing in temporary expert employees, who are already trained and with experience, is a great way oi reduce training costs and the learning curves that come from training a new employee from the ground up. 

Lower benefits cost 

Most contractor employees receive limited benefits, paid by the staffing agency, because they work on temporary basis. Leveraging contract staffing or a payroll service can make it possible to offer a more cost-effective program while still providing employees great benefit options. 

Eliminate overtime work 

Bringing in outside contractors can reduce the amount of overtime worked by your permanent staff, allowing for better work-life balance within your company culture. 

Streamline your recruiting and hiring process 

Even when looking to hire for a permanent role, you can eliminate the internal time and costs associated with advertising, screening, interviewing, and onboarding of new applicants and hires by leaning on a third-party staffing resource. 

Eliminate operating inefficiencies 

Functions causing your business to be inefficient can be outsources to perform work more effectively. Your staffing firm should be well-versed with your line of work and able to reduce expenses and improve performance, allowing your company to focus on its core competencies. 

Develop a strategic staffing plan for your team 

At Per Sé Group, we help our clients evaluate their current workforce and develop a strategic plan that helps lower overall employment costs and provides access to skilled people they need.  

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