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4 Team Building Strategies to Improve Communication

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

When you are the leader of a team, you will find that communication is key. Mistakes or pitfalls that come with a team project almost always boil down to miscommunications. How can you get your team to talk with each other to avoid mistakes in the future? 

4 Strategies for Improving Team Communication

You may think that communication comes naturally, that all people know how to set reminders or concisely assign tasks. But everyone has different styles, which is why these processes need to be taught from the beginning.Take a look at these tactics for better communication. 

  1. Talk to Them: It sounds so simple. Talk to your team leaders and establish a straightforward communication process. Ask if they are following up according to the procedures and find out where the holes are. Then make corrections. 

  2. Set the Tone:As a manager, you have the chance to set the tone at the top. Own your mistakes, humbly self-correct, and listen to feedback. These simple habits can make a difference in how the team works together. 

  3. Build a Solid Foundation:Focus on training your employees to follow the procedures that will set the team up for success in communication. You can implement ongoing training. Be transparent with each team member’s responsibilities so that everyone on the team can see who is doing what. 

  4. Team Bonding: Many companies find it helpful to participate in team-building exercises to bond the team to better work together professionally. These playful games loosen up your employees and make them feel more accountable toward one another. 

When you lead the team by example, they will follow in line. You can have successful communication in your work life, leading to more efficient and quality team projects. 

Examples of Team Bonding

When your team members respect each other, they will be more likely to communicate better. Here are some team-building exercises that will help improve relationships and ultimately improve the communication line. 

  • Family sports day

  • Team lunches

  • Ping pong tournament

  • Service project days

  • Holiday celebrations

Anytime you can remove the team from the work environment into an atmosphere where they can chat and get to know each other is an excellent opportunity for team growth. These activities can naturally fall into regular work hours and contribute to building a successful team. 

There is a reason why big tech companies are building work environments with game rooms and outside property to provide a place to wind down and take a break. The pauses during the workday are stress relievers and an opportunity for team members to bond with one another. 

In Conclusion

Clear communication starts at the top with leading by example, setting the tone, and thoroughly training the team with set expectations. When your team members get to know each other outside of work, they will collaborate better on projects.