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6 Hiring Trends to Watch for in 2022

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

The landscape for remote work, virtual interviews and recruiting has drastically changed over the past year. Because of COVID-19,employersare becoming more open to these flexible work options. Some positives come with this, including a broader workforce to choose from instead of limiting yourself to hiring locals. But it also comes with disadvantages, like not meeting in person and getting a feel for their collaboration styles. 

Virtual interviews and remote work are not the only changes to hiring employees. Keep these trends in mind as you start planning for hiring in 2022.

6 Hiring Trends that Yield Improved Results

As many companies face a labor shortage with their increased industry demand, it is imperative to alter hiring practices to stay current with the changing times. 

  1. Social Media Recruiting: Posting job opportunities and targeting social media platforms that get millions of users every day turn out successful results. You can post the positions to users who know your industry and are looking for a change. When your company uses social media to gain a relationship with the audience, you are more likely to get quality applicants. 

  2. Hiring for Soft Skills: As the search for quality employees with specialized skillsets appears to be fruitless, try to pivot. What skills do you value in your best employees that don’t relate specifically to their day-to-day tasks? You can train people for the admin work in your company, but you can’t train someone to be teachable, collaborative, or problem-solving. Instead, look for the skills that will translate to success in any industry. 

  3. Catering to Employee Experience: Now is the time to sell your company. Show them that you are flexible with remote work, that you value work-life balance, and that employee satisfaction is a priority for you. You will gain mutual respect with a hard-working employee who appreciates your company’s environment. 

  4. Presenting an Established Brand: Every employee who applies for a job researches the company first. They don’t want to risk their current position to join a sinking ship. Work to build your brand and present it professionally so that quality employees will trust working for you. 

  5. Using Artificial Intelligence to Sift through Candidates: Use technology, including keywords and pre-interview assessments, to weed through the talent. You can save a lot of time when you implement automation in your hiring process. 

  6. Creating Internal Talent Pools: While hiring outside of the company used to be more common, building talent pools within the company is proving to be successful. When you employ entry-level workers and put your trust in them, they will gain confidence and loyalty to your business. 

With simple changes in your hiring process, you can turn out quality employees that will be in it for the long run with your company. While it is vital to be competitive in your search, it is also imperative to look for talents that other companies may overlook. Think outside the box and find managers and employees that will invest in your company as you invest in them. 

Hiring quality employees is a big task to take on, and it seems like you only have one chance at finding the right fit for your company. Let Per Se help you with your hiring efforts and get your company fully staffed for a positive start to 2022.