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How to Leverage LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand in the New Year

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Social media is a powerful force, and businesses thrive because of the communities they build on each platform. LinkedIn is no exception. Your LinkedIn profile is your resume as to how innovative, engaging, and collaborative you are. 

When you use LinkedIn to build your brand, it will result in a network of people ready to promote you and support you through your business endeavors. You will also create the first impression for people looking to work with you, for you, or invest in your company. 

6 Ways to Build Your Brand on LinkedIn

Think of what your LinkedIn profile says about you right now, and then evaluate what you would like it to say about you. Don’t leave it to the onlooker’s imagination. Instead, take purposeful steps to show what you or your business stands for on LinkedIn. 

Take a look at these tips: 

  1. Tell Your Story: What is your story when it comes to starting your business or building your career? Outline your motivations, roadblocks that came up, rejections along the way, and how you decided to land where you did. People want to follow those they can relate to, and an honest, candid narrative will always attract readers. 

  1. Invest in the Community: Stay up to date with the local community and work to give back. If you learn of a need, spread the information and fundraise or volunteer to help those who are less fortunate. Network with local colleagues in your industry. Stay current with the news. 

  1. Highlight Up and Comers in the Industry: You will only gain a broader community when you choose to uplift others in your industry. Do not look at newcomers as competition. Instead, get to know them and find ways to collaborate so that you can merge your networks. 

  1. Reshare Your Popular Posts: If you have posts that performed exceptionally well on LinkedIn, reshare them. For example, maybe you told your story and have newcomers that weren’t around for that post. Share it again. It will be a good refresh for people who have heard it and give a chance to reach new viewers. 

  1. Show Vulnerability: Some of the most relatable posts are the ones that show vulnerability. Everybody fails. Everybody has obstacles, whether it be social anxiety, panic attacks, a fear of public speaking, or mistakes that lead to consequences in the workplace. Share your missteps, and then share what you have done to learn from them or overcome them. Maybe it is a work in progress – talk about it. 

  1. Make Connections with Top Influencers: Reach out to top performers on LinkedIn in your industry and build relationships with them. Find ways to collaborate so that you can both grow from working together. 

Once you realize how much LinkedIn can be a tool to succeed in your career, you can use it to your advantage. Don’t worry about numbers and how many people will read your posts. Just be yourself, and people will see what you represent when it counts.