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Creating Leadership Opportunities in Your Company

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Imagine starting at a new company that wants to invest in you and your growth in the company. Every employee wants to feel valued and like they have a place in the company for years to come. 

Instead of letting your employees feel stagnant and under-valued in their positions, let them know there is room for growth within the company from the get-go. 

How to Create Leaders for Future Management

If you are going to hire a new employee, it will serve your business best if that employee stays with the company for a very long time. Here are some ideas for setting up growth opportunities within your company: 

  • Teach Company Culture:Of course, you want to hire qualified candidates who have the skills that the position requires. But specific soft skills are part of company culture and need to be taught. Clue your employees in on expectations for communication, organization, and allotted breaks.For example, be sure that new employees understand the acceptable turnaround time for a project, how long they can linger by the break room for a chat, and how to chime in at a meeting without messing up the flow.

  • Mentor Programs:Pair up new employees with leaders who have been with the company for years. This allows them to learn from seasoned employees while providing them with networking opportunities within the company. 

  • Coaches:Coaches are similar to mentors but are usually on an equivalent career level as the new employee. The coach can be a person they can trust on the team to teach them the culture and give them tips on succeeding. 

  • Promote Teamwork:When your company is organized into teams, you give several opportunities for employees to lead. Even if they are in charge of a group of 3 employees, they can show off their organization and management qualities. Collaboration is vital to a workplace in order to minimize redundancy and show off skills of finding strengths and weaknesses within a group. A team leader should be able to identify the right roles for each team member and complete a project efficiently and without conflict. 

  • Give Positive Feedback: If you are creating a workplace where leadership is encouraged, that will require building up the confidence of the current employees. Do not wait for a yearly meeting to offer feedback. Instead, give positive feedback as often as you can. And offer constructive criticism early, instead of blindsiding the employee with something they could have fixed months ago. 

When you intentionally give specific feedback, you will see how quickly leadership qualities emerge in all employees. When they feel that their hard work is appreciated, they will step up and take even more risks to reap further rewards. 

When a candidate finds a company where the current employees are valued and fostered for leadership positions, they are thrilled to stay with such a company. Therefore, make your intentions clear by implementing programs that encourage the creation of future leaders of your company. 

When your company intends to foster current employees into leaders for the long haul, your employees will be invested to stick around and grow your business with you.