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Recruiting Tips for Attracting Gen Z Candidates

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Gen Z candidates are entering the workforce and looking for opportunities that fit their lifestyles. With the economy, these young professionals can pick and choose from many career cultures that are ready to fill in their staff. So what makes Gen Z candidates different from Millennials? 

Gen Z are people born between 1996 and the early 2000s. They are young adults graduating from college and looking to provide a living for themselves. But they do not want the constraints of a traditional 9 to 5 work life. So what can you do to provide flexibility for Gen Z job candidates? 

6 Recruiting Tips for Gen Z Candidates

Get to know young professionals and discover what they seek in a career. Here are some ideas to lead with when talking about your company: 

  1. Work-from-Home Flexibility: While it’s nice to have an office space for collaboration and to get to know each other, Gen Zs expect to work from home. The technology is there to provide remote work for all employees, and it benefits many employees. 

  1. Modern Technology and Practices: Gen Zs use apps for almost everything, and they expect each company to be on board with new technology and software. When your company is up to date, you can show that you are progressing with the times. 

  1. Focus on Results Over Clocked Hours: Instead of keeping a log of every hour that your employees work, focus on what they produce. When you focus on the quality of delivery over how many hours it took to get there, your employees will value your flexibility. 

  1. Collaboration and Open Work Spaces: Gen Z professionals do not want to sit in a cubicle, isolated from the rest of the office. Instead, create open workspaces with whiteboard brainstorming and flexible seating. 

  1. Direct Communication and Authenticity: Gen Z professionals want authenticity from each member of the office, including the boss. Rather than beating around the bush about what you want, be direct and concise. They will value your assertiveness. 

  1. Friendships in the Workplace: If a Gen Z employee goes into the office, they want to gain interpersonal relationships with co-workers. The value of traveling to the office and leaving home is in creating friendships and building networks within the office. 

You don’t have to worry about attracting Gen Z candidates when you allow your company to change with the times. The times of staying in the office until you’re the last out are gone. There is no competition on who can live and breathe work. Personal life and family are more in-focus when it comes to Gen Zs. 

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