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Recruiting Tips for Attracting Gen Z Candidates

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Kelly O'Neill

Are you looking to hire fresh talent and perspective? Well, you’re in luck, because Gen Z is entering the workforce with a determined drive to make their mark and excel. Known to have an entrepreneurial mindset, proficiency in technology, and a pragmatic and inclusive way of thinking, Gen Z possesses many qualities important to any company wanting to succeed.

It can feel overwhelming to recruit and target a new audience. It’s especially difficult when trying to come up with ways to reach an extremely diverse set of individuals, with a variety of backgrounds that other generations may not be familiar with. Because of this struggle, companies miss out on their competitive advantage of hiring Gen Z candidates to their team.

We know appealing to Gen Z is no easy task. That’s why we asked our Subject Matter Experts, Mark Tuccelli, our director of recruiting, and Angel Sherrell, our senior recruiting lead, to share the optimal ways to recruit and draw in Gen Z candidates that will help bring creativity and innovation to any workforce – Here are their tips:

5 Recruiting Tips to Appeal to Gen Z

  1. Providing a Collaborative and Flexible Workspace

Gen Z has come of age in a very dynamic and evolving world, and flexibility is one of the biggest factors they take into consideration when searching for new job opportunities. According to our director of recruiting; Mark Tuccelli, “A rigid Monday-Friday, 8-5 occupation is generally a big turn off. However, this is no indication that Gen Z wants to work any less, they simply want the flexibility to accommodate for a healthy work-life balance.”

Creating a flexible work environment for Gen Z candidates will allow for greater efficiency and minimized disruptions. Another thing to keep in mind when hiring Gen Z candidates is that they value collaboration within the atmosphere and the people they work with. Gen Zer’s do not want to be confined to a cubicle all day; they want the liberty to actively work alongside others in open spaces with flexible seating arrangements.

  1. Administering Open Communication

When it comes to the way Gen Z communicates, it boils down to one simple thing; technology.

Born between 1997 and 2012, members of Gen Z grew up with the internet, and a cell phone in their pocket. The first fully "digital native" generation, they expect to work and connect from anywhere, whenever they want.

The average Gen Zer spends “around 5 hours” a day communicating on social media, and we all know a few who are certainly “above average.”

As Mark states, “It is likely that you will have a better success at reaching Gen Z via text messages, than you would through an email or phone call. This is mostly because Gen Z has not had to rely on email as a form of communication and certainly does not conduct most of their communication over a phone call.” That said, providing open communication across platforms allows for a better relationship between you and your Gen Z hire.

  1. Facilitating Cooperative Leadership

Now more than ever, in the wake of the lasting effects of the pandemic (we’re calling this “Corporate- Long COVID"), fostering a team environment founded in collaboration and connection can make the difference between a successful organization and one that struggles. From what our team has seen, this is even more critical for teams with Gen Z employees. While managing a Gen Z worker, they expect quick, efficient, and frequent communication with their supervisor.

Mark indicates that “Knowing Gen Z communicates majorly through SMS messages, they prefer short, sweet, and to the point interactions.” Being able to cooperate well with Gen Zer's means you should be aware of how they work efficiently and meet them where they are, not necessarily where you want them to be.

Simply put, if someone is more engaged in your organization when they communicate through tools like Slack or Teams, why wouldn’t you use those tools to most effectively communicate with them?

Of course, some leaders subscribe to thinking that it’s the responsibility of their employees to bend and fit into a pre-determined role or process, like communicating over the phone or having several long, in-person meetings. You hired them, now it’s their job to... well, do that job how you want them to. We caution against this.

Failing to provide cooperative collaboration, especially when managing a Gen Z employee, leads to disengaged employees, a lack of effectiveness, and the ever-feared “quiet-quitting” we’ve all heard so much about.

  1. Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace

Diversity, equity, and inclusion matter a great deal with Gen Z.

​In Mark’s experience, “They search for it with employers, primarily within the makeup of the company culture, employees, and most importantly leadership.”

Gen Z is a very socially driven generation. They are educated, aware, and have increased exposure to diversity, and for them, it is important that the company they are a team member of agrees with their beliefs and values. According to a recent study conducted by Deloitte, Gen Zers value a high salary less than any other generation. Instead, to win the hearts of Gen Z, employers must highlight their values and efforts to improve the community around them.

Actions speak louder than words: Companies must demonstrate their commitment to a broader set of societal challenges such as sustainability, climate change, and hunger.

They want to be a part of a company that is active in the community, and who places a large emphasis on social and ecological issues.

  1. Foster an Environment of Transparency

Gen Zer’s value transparency in the workplace and prioritize having open and honest communication. According to our senior recruiting lead; Angel Sherrell, “It is important that no surprises come up at the end of a long interview process. You must be open about wages, time off policies, company history and culture, and the flexibility regarding hybrid working arrangements.”

Knowing that Gen Z appreciates direct communication, it is helpful for them to know how your company lives up to their philosophies on diversity, equity, inclusion, and pay equity. Nothing should be left unsaid between you and your Gen Z hire.

As Angel stated, “Letting your candidates and employees know what is expected of them, how they will be evaluated on their performance, and how they can grow within the company will allow your team to have a clear picture of what is it like to work for your organization, and how they can see themselves fitting in.” Being up front from the start saves everyone time, energy, and eventually money. If we have learned anything, we know that Gen Zer’s move fast, so it is important for them to know exactly the kind of company they are committing too right away so they can excel.

Hiding any information can lead to a potential loss of future expenses. By being direct with Gen Zer’s, it gives them the opportunity to assess whether your company aligns with their values and needs. The last thing you want is a Gen Z candidate to leave the position shortly after joining, wasting both your time and money.

When it comes to hiring and recruiting the best Gen Z candidates, we recommend you carefully consider and keep these five steps in mind. These five steps will be a great roadmap to success for your company.

Keeping Your Company Ahead of the Times

Gen Z is the newest and most diverse generation entering the workforce. They have different goals and values unlike any other generations. Because of this, companies need to continue to stay well educated and culturally attuned. Following these five concise steps, it is possible to attract the latest age group in the most appropriate ways.

Mental Health in the Workplace

​It is crucial to recognize that mental health plays a big role with Gen Z and must be talked about in the workforce. Gen Z has an increase of stress and burnout at work compared to previous generations, and adaptations should be implemented and acknowledged.

Consciousness of Social Issues and Ethical Obligations

Known to be an authentic generation, Gen Zer’s are activists for many different causes, helping to raise awareness, and make positive changes to the world. It is important to Gen Z that the companies they work for share their passion and principles when it comes to acting upon significant societal topics.

Prepared to Recruit your Gen Z Candidates?

Hiring Gen Zer’s doesn’t have to be complex. With the resources and improved comprehension at your disposal, you have what it takes!

If you’re seeking to expand your team’s capabilities and need help bringing in a highly advantageous Gen Z candidate, look to your trusted partner at Per Se Group.