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Embrace the “New Normal” as a Job Seeker

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago

​In this “new normal” of COVID-era, businesses are resuming and people are adapting to go about daily life the best they can. Finding a new job may not look like what it did last year, but fear not, we have the internet at our fingertips. There are a multitude of ways in which you can embrace the virtual world to aid you in propelling your career forward. Let’s take a look at ways to embrace this “new normal” as a job seeker. 

Maximize your professional online presence. 

Put in the time to enhance your profiles that will be seen by employers – such as LinkedIn. If you don’t have a LinkedIn, check out how to get started here.  

With social distancing protocols still in place, your job search will require a lot of virtual interaction, so spending time perfecting your presence in this area will not go to waste. Try out these virtual activities: 

-Update your resume and send it to someone for feedback. 

-Join a professional group on LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry. 

-Take the initiative to do a 30-minute virtual coffee with someone in your field or a recruiter to gain insight. 

Continuing the practice of networking is possible – even though it’s not in person. 

Embrace new and different opportunities.

Now, more than ever, it is crucial to embrace opportunities you never considered before. Many businesses are posting remote positions, and this could be a change for you, but with so much technology in place to connect – remote work opportunities can be a reliable and fulfilling career option. During this time, it may also be wise to consider temporary or contract jobs, as they are increasing in our job economy. These positions can provide a lot of value; check out some reasons to pursue contract work. 

Prepare for virtual interviews.

Expect most interviews (if not all) to be virtual. This could be over video or just over the phone. Don’t let the absence of a physical interview let you forget to keep it professional. Approach a virtual interview just as if you were there in-person. Dressing appropriately, preparing beforehand, and even checking your surrounding environment. Check out more tips on what we suggest when it comes to nailing your video interview. 

Continue to learn new things.

Take the extra time you have at home by learning new skills. Take advantage of virtual resources to expand your knowledge. You could learn a completely new skill, or you could enhance your current expertise. There are endless options for the number of online courses and certifications to take part in. Exploring and immersing yourself in these new skills can only help you stand out from the competition. And don’t forget to add your new skills or certification to your LinkedIn profile once it’s created, and even make a post about it to alert your network!  

It may feel like uncharted territory to completely rely on virtual interactions to propel your career, but we are all in this together. Your career development does not have to be on hold forever, so use these tips to help you continue to transition into new these new job-seeking adaptations.