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4 Brilliant Social Media Tactics to Help Secure a Job

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago

Looking for your next job? Make sure your social media profile tells the right story.

Per a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. The same report states that of these hiring managers, about 54% of employers chose not to hire a candidate based on their social media activity.

In particular, they glean into your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other publicly made available social profiles. Your social media activity then becomes a vital channel for recruiters to decide when it comes to hiring candidates like you.

Here are four social media tips that can help you attract potential employers.

1. Make Your Profile Visible

Make it easier for hiring managers to find you online. For one, edit your privacy settings to “public.” Next, consider using your real name or something close while picking a screen name, as it removes unnecessary guesswork when headhunters search for you. Likewise, even if the rest of your info is visible only to your contacts, make sure to switch the view on what you post about your industry or career.

Another excellent tip is to leverage essential SEO practices to make your profile stand out on the search results page. For example, you can incorporate keywords related to your career and add a stellar headline. That said, being visible doesn’t mean that you should be on every social network – choose one or two platforms in addition to LinkedIn and be active there.

2. Update Your Profile

Polish your existing profile so that it reflects your recent accomplishments, awards, or recognitions. You can also start enhancing your online reputation by cleaning up past comments or posts about controversial subjects or that carried crude language.

Build your personal brand by being authentic. This means you should be staying away from repeatedly used words or clichéd descriptions. For instance, instead of saying, “I give everything my 100%,” be genuine about your area of specialization. One or two examples of your skills explained in simple words can create a more lasting impression.

Furthermore, let managers take a peek at what kind of person you are outside of the job. If you are into volunteering and organizing things, it is a great way to display your leadership qualities and likeability.

3. Discuss Industry News

Keep an eye on industry news sites. Staying updated about the current happenings will further your continued learning efforts.

You can also join groups in your niche market or attend virtual discussions or webinars. You can demonstrate your interests and skills by posting your own content and redistributing articles and expert opinions related to your career goals. Headhunters will be impressed as you are proactive and motivated, which are some of the top characteristicsthey look for in a committed and reliable candidate.

4. Expand Your Network

Social networks emerged as a way to connect people. You can rekindle old friendships, meet like-minded individuals, and grow professional connections.

Discover old associates at a previous job or reach out to the people you interacted with at a networking conference. These strategies can pay off in the form of job referrals or testimonials that can help boost your career. But when you reach out to industry experts, do not send a generic script like “XYZ wants to add you to their network.” Instead, send out a personalized invitation and explain the context.

While connecting with people who don’t know, try to take the conversation offline. Ask them for coffee and interact with them in the real world.

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