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How to Improve Hiring Process by Using a Digital Interviewing Scorecard

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Taylor Varco

Asking questions is the easy part of interviewing a potential job candidate. The challenge comes when you are reviewing these answers to determine if the person has the skills and personality to fit in your company.

What is your process for analyzing candidate interview results to determine the right person to hire? Using a digital interviewing scorecard can be a great way to sort through your options and speed up the hiring process.

What is an Interview Scorecard?

Interview scorecards make it easier for the hiring team to standardize their processes when evaluating candidates. Each interviewer completes a scorecard after talking to a candidate. Then, the hiring team compiles the feedback from all the interviewers. 

The result:data to identify the strongest job applicants and compare rankings before choosing a person to hire.

You can customize the scorecard to match your unique needs and hiring requirements. Effective scorecards often include ratings for how well the candidate fits with the company culture and overall ratings based on the interview results. 

A digital scorecard also gives you a central location to track the status of each candidate. For example, you can have a column to record when a job offer is made, the candidate’s acceptance/rejection of the offer, and the target start date.

Why Every Hiring Team Needs a Digital Scorecard

Implementing a digital scorecard system is a great way to improve your hiring processes. Here are a few reasons why every hiring team should be using a digital interview scorecard:

  • Digital Tracking: With the sudden increase in remote hiring and work-from-home positions, business communications have shifted to online interactions. Make sure you are using a digital system to review and track candidate data from any location.

  • Consistent and Objective Assessment:In the interview process, your team needs a system to ensure that candidate assessment is both objective and consistent. Scorecards provide a structure to evaluate each candidate using the same criteria across the board.

  • Interviewer Alignment: One common challenge when choosing a new hire is the differing opinions between interviewers.A digital interview scorecard creates a team-focused approach to align the people who are participating as interviewers and decision makers.

These benefits improve your hiring process, which has a positive impact on new hire quality. 

Information to Capture in a Digital Scorecard

What information should you be collecting on your digital scorecard? Consider your unique hiring needs, then customize the scorecard to capture the specific details that support your hiring process.

The digital scorecard is an evaluation interviewers fill out after the interview is complete. Ask for specific feedback, such as:

  • An overall rating of the candidate

  • Yes/no – whether the interviewer recommends the candidate for hire

  • Freeform feedback about the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate

If you would like to improve your interview process, then follow this link to download a digital interview scorecard template that can be customized for your business. Personalize the scorecard; then, you can share it with your team before conducting interviews with potential candidates.