Why Use a Digital Interview Scorecard?

Over the past year, many organizations found the benefits of incorporating digital interviewing into their permanent hiring process. This includes: streamlined internal communication, reduced time-to-hire, and finding qualified candidates faster.

Moving forward, the majority of business leaders say they plan to use a combination of in-person and digital interviews, with some moving solely to virtual interviewing. For that reason, Per Sé has developed a digital interviewing scorecard to help manage the decision-making process.

A few reasons to consider leveraging a Digital Interview Scorecard:

  • Digital Tracking: With the sudden increase in remote hiring and work-from-home positions, business communications have shifted to online interactions. Make sure you are using a digital system to review and track candidate data from any location.

  • Consistent and Objective Assessment: In the interview process, your team needs a system to ensure that candidate assessment is both objective and consistent. Scorecards provide a structure to evaluate each candidate using the same criteria across the board.

  • Interviewer Alignment: One common challenge when choosing a new hire is the differing opinions between interviewers.A digital interview scorecard creates a team-focused approach to align the people who are participating as interviewers and decision makers.

Example Scorecard:

Check out the full blog post on why you need a digital scorecard tool:

How to Improve Hiring Process by Using a Digital Interviewing Scorecard