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Instrumentation Service

Full-service Instrumentation & Analyzer Solution

Complete teams of elite technicians ready to mobilize and onboard

Instrumentation requires a unique skill set crucial for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process. From startup to troubleshooting, to calibration and maintenance, you need an expert team you can trust. Per Sé’s technicians have the requisite experience needed to perform the three essential functions of instrumentation:

Routine Service | Prevention Maintenance | Backlog Relief

Our select instrumentation teams come with a proven success rate of quality project completion and a history of collaboration with one another to maximize efficiency. The solution removes logistic complications and the need to individually recruit for every open position. Along with a fully trained team, we provide and manage supervision, machinery, materials, safety equipment, transportation, and all other items of expense required to perform work.

We specialize in managing instrumentation efforts for:

  • Outages
  • Turnarounds
  • Capital Projects
  • Maintenance

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